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Join the free AURA Room™ community to discuss all things spirituality, wellness, magic, intuition, business, holistic psychology + MORE ...

Connect with the soul-tribe you've been yearning for in this safe private container. (They're here!)  Engage in healthy, stimulating, conversations and learn intuitive tips and tricks that aren't shared on our weekly email!

Psychic-Magic-Intuition-Akashic Records-Meditation-Crystals-Subconscious-Internet friends--OMG it's going to be GREAT!!!

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GOLD- Refer 33 friends to The Aura Room and get a space clearing starter kit ($100 value)- wild native sage, abalone shell, feather wand, + sweet grass for protection!

How to refer your Sacred Circle::: Click the “Invite” link on the Menu on the left side of your screen. Follow the instructions to invite your SOUL friends to join you here! 

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